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Teaching Memo Fall 2023, Faculty Memo

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back to the fall semester.  I hope the summer treated you very well.

As we approach the beginning of 2023-24, I write with some notes on current trends and issues in undergraduate teaching that might help you navigate your first course meetings of the year.  I might say, parenthetically,…

Conduct of Courses Fall 2023, Faculty Memo


How to Conduct Princeton Undergraduate Courses Regulations Governing Course Deadlines, Examinations, and Grading

Princeton’s procedures for conducting courses, including tests, exams, and grading, are institutionally specific.  These procedures guide faculty…

Digital archiving of senior theses

I write to provide you with important information regarding the process for submitting your senior thesis this spring.

Religious Observances, Spring Term 2023

Throughout the year, students might ask faculty for permission to reschedule academic obligations so that you may observe one or more religious holidays.  We ask faculty to honor such requests and to work with students to plan the most effective ways for you to make up your work. 

Faculty Memo - Academic accommodations at Princeton

Faculty Memo - Academic accommodations at Princeton