Summer Program Funding

Policy on participation in Princeton-sponsored summer programs and funding

All first, second and third-year students in good standing are eligible to apply for Princeton-sponsored summer programs (credit-bearing and co-curricular) for a maximum of three summers. Graduating seniors are NOT eligible for Princeton summer funding after graduation. 

Summer Eligibility for Students on Leave

Students on leave for spring through fall terms are not eligible to participate in Princeton-sponsored summer programs or to receive Princeton funding for the summer they are on leave.

A student who is on leave in the spring term and eligible to return for the fall term may petition for early reinstatement to participate in a Princeton-sponsored summer program or receive summer funding. Note that this is possible only if they have NOT participated in a Princeton-sponsored program or received Princeton funding during the summer preceding their leave. Students who have conditions on their reinstatement in the fall may not be eligible for early reinstatement, and hence not eligible for Princeton-sponsored summer programs or funding.

Students on leave who believe they are eligible to participate in Princeton-sponsored summer programs and funding should contact their residential college dean to confirm their eligibility before they submit their application. Program administrators and funding sources on campus should only consider a student currently on leave for participation in a summer activity if they have received email confirmation from a student’s residential college dean that the student is eligible.

Fulltime Commitment Summer Activities

Students are responsible for knowing which of the Princeton-sponsored activities they are participating in are full-time programs ( > 35 hours per week), meaning that the student is not allowed to accept Princeton funding for additional activities during the same time period. Accepting funds for two overlapping activities when one or both of them is a full-time commitment can result in disciplinary action. Contact your program administrator to confirm the specific requirements for that program or opportunity.

Requirement to Disclose Total Award to Funding Departments

Students may, upon approval from both funding sources, combine a course and/or internship and/or Princeton-supported research during the same period of time. However, students should not accept funding from multiple sources for the same expenses (i.e., airfare, room and board). If students receivemultiple awards, they must disclose the total amount of funding to all of their funding sources so that the budget can be adjusted if appropriate. Students who would like assistance with this process can reach out to Neglecting to disclose all funding to all funding sources, or accepting funding for which the total amount exceeds the requested amount without documentation of additional need, could result in disciplinary action.