Dale Fellowship: Recipient Requirements

The Dale Fellowship project may involve travel, either in the United States or abroad. The winner may not travel to locations on the University's Higher Risk Review List unless they receive approval through the Higher Risk Travel Review and Approval Process. Travel should neither involve extended study in a formal program at an American or foreign university nor should it normally entail participation in a structured program sponsored by a public or private institution. Rather, the emphasis should be on a special, independent initiative of the recipient's own devising.

Note that Dale projects must comply with all guidelines for University-sponsored travel, as well as all local and national health and safety guidelines. Proposals submitted during the AY 2021-22 application cycle should be sufficiently flexible to adapt to the uncertainties of travel during the global pandemic.

Upon acceptance of the Dale Fellowship, the recipient will be expected to sign a statement promising to use the funds for the express purpose outlined in the proposal. The Dale Fellow is required to make a progress report halfway through the fellowship year; at the completion of the project, the fellow must submit a written account of their experience and an accounting of the use of the Dale funds. The fellow is also asked to participate in a celebratory dinner, normally held on the University campus in October of the year following the fellowship, at which recipients of the previous summer’s Dale Sophomore Awards are also honored.