Consultations & Workshops

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning is a central academic resource on campus, offering study halls, review sessions, workshops and individual consultations to support undergraduates as they make critical academic transitions. The McGraw staff has developed practical approaches to help Princeton undergraduates become more powerful, productive and independent learners. With practice and support, students at all levels can cultivate these academic skills and adopt new strategies and habits of mind.
Learning Consultations

At the McGraw Center, peer consultants from a variety of disciplines are trained to collaborate with you to develop an individualized approach to learning. Drawing on your unique strengths, this approach is tailored to the specific demands of each of your courses. Individual consultations focus on designing a strategic approach to learning that enables you to make the most of lectures, precepts and readings. Meet with a consultant early and regularly in order to manage the academic demands of the entire semester. In addition to focusing on specific courses, consultants offer strategies for efficient reading, advanced problem solving, note-taking (and use), exam preparation and time management. Make an appointment with a McGraw Consultant.

Advanced Academic Strategies Workshops

The McGraw Center offers a popular series of hands-on, practical workshops in which students learn and apply strategies designed for the demanding Princeton University context. The workshops emphasize innovative techniques for purposeful and efficient learning. During the sessions, students apply these strategies to their own course materials. Follow-up appointments with a McGraw Consultant are encouraged. Workshop topics include time management and organization, managing large amounts of information, studying and exam prep, reading and note-taking, overcoming procrastination and making the most of reading week. Learn more about the McGraw workshop series.