Finding Help with Academic Work

Whether you are looking for help with papers, problem sets, exam preparation or time management, the University offers a wide range of support to help you succeed in your academic work. All you need is to know where — and when — to seek assistance. Students who take advantage of Princeton's collaborative resources tend to enjoy their academic work and achieve greater success.

Every Princeton student, no matter how extraordinary, will need to ask for help at some point in their academic career. In fact, we hope and expect that students will seek out challenges and take some risks in choosing courses. Princeton courses are rigorous, and it’s perfectly normal to find the transition to college-level work overwhelming at times. Even if you go to class, participate in precepts, do the reading and take good notes, you may find at some point along the way that personal circumstances or unexpected distractions interfere with your ability to do your best work. 

If you start to feel challenged by material in one or more of your courses, asking for help is the smart thing to do. Don't delay, and don't wait until you feel lost or overwhelmed. Princeton semesters move at a fast pace, and the earlier you seek help and advice, the more options you will have.

An important guide to finding the right source of help is your residential college dean or assistant dean, so head straight to your college office when you are having difficulty. Your assistant dean can advise you about your academic options, from changes you can make in your course placement or course schedule to the most useful academic resource for your particular situation. Fortunately, Princeton offers a vast array of academic resources, but it’s up to you to make use of them!