Short absences due to service obligations may be accommodated during the semester, provided that satisfactory academic progress is being made by the student prior to interrupting their studies.

Undergraduate students who must take time away for military service lasting more than 30 consecutive days may be approved for a leave of absence related to military service. Time away for military service – voluntary or involuntary, in international or domestic uniformed services, including National Guard and reservists--carries no academic penalty. Students taking a leave for military service are automatically eligible for reinstatement to their degree program providing they were in good academic standing at the time they initiated their leave of absence and that the period of their leave does not exceed 3 years.  After a 3-year absence students are eligible for readmission to complete their course of study.  Princeton’s general policies on leaves and withdrawals may be found here

Students may return to their degree program(s) once their period of military service is completed. If students leave at the conclusion of a semester to begin military service they may, at the conclusion of their service, resume their studies in the next available semester that can accommodate their progress to degree. If a student withdraws from a semester in progress in order to meet service obligations, they may return to repeat the incomplete semester without academic or financial penalty.  

Students planning to take a leave for military service, or who wish to apply for reinstatement at the conclusion of their military service should contact their residential college dean, who can provide individual guidance through the process.  Students may also benefit from consulting the Time Away website, which offers practical guidance about taking a leave and about returning to campus. 

When a student on aid takes a leave, the student’s financial aid will be adjusted based on the prorated charges on the bill and the number of weeks the student was enrolled.  More information, including the impact of a leave on federal aid funds, is available here.

When a student is preparing to return to Princeton and would like to be considered for financial aid, the student should complete the application process online. Please see the Apply for Aid page for instructions.