FAQ about the Internship Milestone Credit for Undergraduates

What is the Internship Milestone Credit?

The Internship Milestone Credit is an opportunity for students to record certain summer internship experiences on their transcript and receive academic credit for them. Departments approve the credit, so in order to receive it a student’s department must decide to make the Milestone available to students whose internships meet the requirements: the internship must be least six weeks in length, and the experience must be directly related to the student’s concentration.

Can the Internship Milestone Credit replace one of my departmental courses?

No. Although the Milestone carries academic credit, it does not carry course credit, so it does not count toward the 31 (for AB) or 36 (for BSE) course credits required for graduation.

Is the Internship Milestone Credit required for students?


Are students permitted to apply for the Internship Milestone Credit more than once?


What’s the difference between completing an internship with or without the Internship Milestone Credit?

A student’s summer internship experience will be unaffected by the Internship Milestone Credit, and the Milestone will not influence how students list their work experiences on a resume. But students whose employers require academic credit as a condition of the internship, or international students who wish to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT), must apply for the Milestone Credit.

Who is eligible to apply for the Internship Milestone Credit?

The Internship Milestone is available to students who have declared a concentration. This means that students are eligible to apply to receive the Internship Milestone Credit beginning in the summer after they declare a concentration – for BSE students, after the first year of study, and for AB students after the sophomore year. I won’t declare my major until close to the end of the current academic year.

Can I still apply for the Internship Milestone Credit for my summer internship?

Yes. If you are a first-year BSE student, or a sophomore AB student, you are eligible to apply in the spring term provided that your presumed department has decided to make the Milestone available to concentrators and, in time, will award the Internship Milestone Credit after your internship has concluded.

Can I declare my concentration early to be eligible for the Internship Milestone Credit as a first-year AB student?

No. At Princeton, early concentration is only appropriate for students who wish to begin their independent work early, in spring term of their sophomore year. Therefore, students usually apply for early concentration in the fall of the sophomore year.

I’m a student who wants to apply for the Internship Milestone Credit. What should I do?

The first step is to speak with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your department to find out if your department will choose to offer the Internship Milestone Credit. If your department decides to approve the Milestone for its concentrators, then you will need to provide evidence of your internship offer so that it can be reviewed by your department. The Registrar’s office will supply an application form for students to complete and submit to their department for review, accompanied by their offer letter and job description.

What should departments be doing to make the Internship Milestone Credit available to their concentrators?

Departments should develop some broad guidelines for their concentrators about which internships will be approved for the Internship Milestone Credit in their department. Consistent with Princeton’s liberal arts philosophy, departments are encouraged to think broadly about the transferable skills that their field of study cultivates, as well as how those skills might be practiced and applied in a range of experiential settings.

Does receiving the Internship Milestone Credit guarantee that an international student will be approved for CPT?

No. The Milestone is necessary, but not sufficient, for F-1 Visa undergraduate students to receive CPT work authorization. After applying for the Internship Milestone Credit and receiving departmental approval, international students’ applications will be subject to additional review by the Davis International Center. CPT requires a very close relationship between the internship and the concentration. In some cases, a department might approve the Internship Milestone Credit but the student’s proposed internship experience will not meet the requirements for CPT as set forth by the federal government.

Can departments require students to do more than just complete an internship to receive the Internship Milestone Credit?

Yes, a department could decide to require students receiving the Internship Milestone Credit to complete a short paper or participate in a poster session at the start of the fall term, for example. But departments cannot alter the fundamental parameters of the Milestone: a student’s internship must be at least six weeks in length and directly related to the student’s concentration. I want to complete an internship that’s related to a certificate program, not my concentration.

Am I still eligible to apply for the Internship Milestone Credit?

The Milestone is available for internships that are directly related to a student’s concentration, and is awarded only by departments. Internships that are related to a certificate, but not a student’s concentration, are ineligible.

Do I need to find a faculty adviser to apply for the Internship Milestone Credit?

No. The Internship Milestone Credit is approved by the department, but does not require students to have individual faculty advisers.

How soon will I see the Milestone on my transcript and what will it look like?

The Milestone Credit will be awarded by your department at the conclusion of your internship and after you have submitted the required documentation to confirm that you completed your internship responsibilities. It will appear on your transcript sometime during the fall term. Your specific employer or internship title will not be listed on your transcript; rather, your transcript will include a line that says “Summer 2020: Internship Milestone Credit.”