Sending Mail to Students

Student Mailboxes

All undergraduate students may receive mail at the Frist Campus Center. The correct address format to use is:

Student's name
Mailbox # Frist Center
Princeton, NJ 08544

This applies to all mail and packages.

You may search for a student's mailbox number from the University Home Page. Please see the Mail Services website for additional details about sending and receiving mail at Princeton.

Package Delivery and Overnight Carriers

Overnight carriers (e.g., FedEx, UPS) do not deliver to students residing in dormitories. All packages are delivered to Frist Campus Center. The College Offices will not accept deliveries for students. When Mail Services receives an overnight letter or parcel, the student is notified via e-mail to pick up the letter or package. See this page for details. Note that Mail Services does not guarantee the same delivery times that overnight carriers provide, and no one can guarantee when students will actually arrive to claim their mail.