Student advising at Princeton is collaborative by design, shared by faculty and the professional advising staff in the residential colleges.  

Princeton’s community advising model involves a team of mentors. Centered in the residential colleges and encompassing faculty, academic departments, and specialized advisers, we work to ensure that each student is fully supported and empowered both personally and academically. Residential college advising staff know the ins and outs of our approach and can connect students with the right resource for their needs. To learn more, visit Undergraduate Advising

Faculty Advising Program

Well-trained in the University’s core requirements, faculty advisers help students think broadly and make the most of their liberal arts education. 

Advising Independent work

Independent work represents the culmination of the Princeton undergraduate experience, in which students pursue original research and scholarship under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member in their chosen field. Faculty members advise both junior independent work and the senior thesis, and are versed in practices aligned with departmental goals and teaching methods. 

Academic Early Alert

If a student in your course receives a failing grade on their midterm or is otherwise experiencing difficulty, please use the Academic Early Alert system (login required) to submit an academic progress report to the student's residential college staff. A member of the advising staff will reach out to the student and offer appropriate support.