Budget Guidelines

The 250th Anniversary Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education typically supports expenditures such as those in the following list. Major equipment or capital expenses are not eligible for Innovation Fund support.  Questions about budgeting for items not mentioned should be directed to Racheal L. Jones.  Also note the special considerations below.




Acceptable Expenditures

  • Faculty summer salary; typically one summer stipend per proposal. The typical award is $12,500, plus benefits.
  • Research assistance for course development (graduate or undergraduate). The typical award does not exceed $6,000.
  • Collection of new teaching materials
  • Computer software or other costs related to adoption of technological innovations
  • Unusual instructional enhancements
  • Subsidies for summer programs
  • Modest subsidies for break-week travel in conjunction with courses
  • Stipends for guest speakers

Special Considerations:

  • Please consult University travel policies if your proposal entails break-week trips.  Break-week travel cannot conflict with other scheduled classes (i.e., Thursday departures during midterm week are not permitted.)
  • The 250th Anniversary Fund does not provide teaching relief or additional FTE for term-time teaching
  • Special AI allocations to support experimental teaching formats require additional review by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty
  • Faculty who draw summer support from other sources such as University funds and/or research grants should consult with the Dean of the Faculty regarding their eligibility for summer salary.  Questions concerning faculty summer salary should be directed to Associate Dean for Finance Jordan Tegtmeyer.