Engagement with the Residential Colleges

Princeton’s close-knit residential college system is one of the cornerstones of our institutional identity. The seven colleges—Butler, Forbes, Mathey, New College West, Rockefeller (Rocky), Whitman, and Yeh —provide multiple ways for faculty to work with and get to know undergraduates both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Faculty are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to become involved in college life:

1. College faculty fellows meet with students in informal settings such as receptions following lectures or other special events, or over meals in the college dining halls. They are also invited to share their research or other areas of interest in informal workshops or conversations. Faculty fellows are welcomed as an integral part of residential life and receive a designated number of meals in their assigned residential college each semester. If you are interested in becoming a fellow, please apply.

2. Resident faculty fellows live in an apartment attached to the college and work with the college head to promote opportunities for faculty engagement with undergraduates. They enjoy meals and subsidized rent in college housing.

3. Faculty advisers, for both AB and BSE students, along with college deans and assistant deans, help first-year students and sophomores select courses and make other decisions about their academic work. We encourage these relationships to be on-going and active, as faculty advisers are students’ major point of entry into our curriculum prior to declaring their concentration. Faculty advisers are trained by our staff, and find community among one another, as well as with their students. They receive a modest stipend and generous meal privileges. If you’re interested in becoming a faculty adviser, please contact Associate Dean Cecily Swanson at cecilys@princeton.edu

4. Freshman seminars are taught in classrooms within each of the colleges and offer students an early opportunity to experience the excitement of working closely with a professor and a small group of fellow students on a topic of special interest. Faculty proposals for freshman seminar courses are welcomed and should be directed to Deputy Dean Elizabeth Colagiuri at ecolagiu@Princeton.edu.

5. Heads of college hold the most prominent position in the residential college system. Each head is a senior member of the faculty who serves a renewable four-year term. Our seven college heads are responsible for defining the distinctive culture of their respective colleges, by sustaining existing traditions and creating new ones. These positions require a deep commitment to co-curricular campus activities and most require living in college-affiliated housing. Please feel free to express your interest in being considered directly to Dean Jill Dolan at jsdolan@Princeton.edu.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these opportunities, please contact Senior Associate Dean of the College Claire Fowler at cmfowler@princeton.edu.