Curriculum Management

The Committee on the Course of Study reviews all proposals to create new certificate programs, make substantive changes to departmental or program requirements, or add courses to or delete courses from the permanent curriculum. Proposals which receive positive committee recommendations are presented to the full Faculty for a vote. Proposals for one-time-only and topics courses are reviewed by Dean Jill Dolan and Dean Elizabeth Colagiuri, acting on behalf of the committee. Additional details follow below. Departments are welcome to discuss preliminary proposals with us. 

Updates to the Undergraduate Announcement

The Undergraduate Announcement (UA) update process happens once each academic year. The process typically begins in early January, final updates are accepted until late May, and the new edition is available at the beginning of August. Specific dates are posted in the online calendar for the Office of the Dean of the College. Departments update their program description and masthead information in a Word document through SharePoint. Courses that appear in the UA are updated through the PeopleSoft Curriculum Management System. In addition to the programs of study, the UA also presents academic policies, procedures and regulations, as well as A.B. and B.S.E. degree requirements, general education requirements, advising resources and special features of the undergraduate program.

Course Book Reading List Submissions

The 2008 Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act (see page 32) requires colleges and universities to publish the cost of required text books, e-books, course packets, lab materials, and materials that students are required to purchase for undergraduate and graduate courses. Faculty and staff should submit required and recommended course book reading lists and course packet information for both undergraduate and graduate courses through the Course Book Reading List (CRL) tool. The submissions process begins in early April for the fall term, and in early November for the spring term. For step-by-step instructions, see the quick reference cards for creating a course reading list and adding the submission status module. Questions regarding your course book submission should be directed to Labyrinth Books. Technical assistance with the CRL tool should be directed to the Blackboard Office.

Choosing Course Components

This brief video provides an overview of the course component options and how they can be used.

New One-Time-Only (OTO) and New Term Topic Course Proposals

New one-time-only courses are submitted for dean's review and approval through the Course Approval Process (CAP) tool in the PeopleSoft Curriculum Management System (CMS). New term topics are submitted through the Course Update Process (CUP). Staff granted access to CMS will enter and submit their department's new one-time-only courses and new term topics during the course offerings process each fall and spring. A memo from the department chair or departmental representative addressed to the Dean Elizabeth Colagiuri, the course syllabus and any cross-listing approval memos are required and should be uploaded in CMS. Detailed information for the course approval process are found in the course procedures and guidelines memo. CAP and CUP course offering submissions deadlines are set by the registrar's office, and are posted on the online calendar. 

New General Education ST Course Proposals

The Council on Science and Technology grants the STL and STN designation to science and engineering courses that are appropriate for students concentrating in the humanities and social sciences. Applications to the Council for an STL or STN designation for a new course should be submitted as part of the CAP/CUP submissions process. To request an STL or STN designation from the Council for a new course, please submit the following additional materials to the Office of the Dean of the College through the PeopleSoft Curriculum Management System: (1) Brief statement discussing alignment of course objectives to ST Learning Goals, and (2) Course Syllabus. If you would like assistance with aligning course objectives to ST Learning Goals, please contact us well in advance of the deadline. CST staff will assist you in preparing the requested materials and can advocate on behalf of your course to the Council. These requests for documents apply only to new courses requesting an STL or STN designation or existing courses requesting an additional designation, not existing STL or STN courses. Once your ST request has been received by the Council, a member of our staff may contact you for additional information. For questions about STL or STN applications, contact Sami Kahn, x84316.

Change in Course Number

A memo addressed to the Committee on the Course of Study from the relevant chair, program director or departmental representative should include the course title, old course number, proposed new course number and rationale for the change. The memo should be emailed to Vicky Glosson.

New Certificate Programs

Proposals for new certificiate programs should be submitted under a cover memo to Dean Elizabeth Colagiuri. Detailed requirements for the proposal are found in the course procedures and guidelines memo.

Material Changes in Existing Departmental or Program Requirements

Changes to existing requirements such as the plan of study, prerequisites or changes in tracks within a concentration should be submitted in SharePoint as part of the Undergraduate Announcement update process. Submission dates and deadlines for the UA update process are posted on the online calendar. 

Course Conversions (to convert an existing OTO course into a permanent course)

Proposals to convert an existing OTO course into a permanent course are reviewed periodically during the academic year, first by the Committee on the Course of Study (COCS), and then the full Faculty. Normally an OTO course is offered a minimum of three times before the COCS will accept the course conversion proposal. Proposal materials should include a memo from the chair, departmental representative or program director, a recent course offerings proof and the syllabus. All materials should be submitted by email to Vicky Glosson. The final deadline for course conversions is posted on the online calendar. Departments and programs will be notified by email when their conversion proposal is approved. Permanent courses will appear in the Undergraduate Announcement. 

Permanent Course Decommissions

A memo from the department chair, departmental representative, or program director should be addressed to the Committee on the Course of Study, and should include the course number, course title and rationale. All materials should be submitted by email to Vicky Glosson.