Clear guidelines are in place to manage changes and additions to course offerings and requirements.

A summary of submission deadlines and accompanying materials required for various curricular proposals are found in the Office of the Dean of the College's Annual Curricular Proposal Memo

Propose and Manage Courses

New Courses or Course Designations

Find details for new Culture and Difference, Science and Technology, or one-time only courses.

Changes to Courses or Program Requirements

Manage conversions, decommissions, and changes to course or program requirements.

Course Components, Attributes & UA/Reading List Updates

Set up undergraduate courses in the Course Information System and plan UA & Canvas updates.

Stakeholders and Responsibilities

Faculty Committee on the Course of Study (COCS)

COCS reviews all proposals to: 

  • Make substantive changes to departmental or program requirements
  • Create or revise minors
  • Add or remove courses from the permanent curriculum

University Faculty

Proposals approved by the Committee are presented to the University faculty for a vote.

Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment

Proposals for new one-time-only and topics courses are reviewed by the Associate Dean, acting on behalf of the Committee. 

Office of the Registrar

Prior to each term, the Office of the Registrar distributes materials related to the course offerings preparation process. A list of resources is also available on the Registrar’s Curriculum Documentation website.