Internship Milestone Credit

Undergraduate students concentrating in participating departments will be able to apply for Internship Milestone Credit beginning in summer 2020. This curricular change was approved the Committee on the Course of Study in the fall, following review of the recommendations of the Working Group on Internships and the Undergraduate Curriculum.

The Internship Milestone is an opportunity for students to receive academic credit for certain summer internship experiences, which would be recorded on their transcript. Although the Milestone conveys academic credit, it does not convey course credit, and so the Milestone does not replace any departmental or graduation requirements.

Departments approve the credit, so a student’s department must decide to make the Milestone available to students whose internships meet the requirements: the internship must be least six weeks in length, and the experience must be directly related to the student’s concentration. Normally, the Milestone is only available to enrolled students; in other words, a student must have successfully completed the spring term prior to the relevant summer period in order to be eligible.

The Milestone is optional for both students and departments. However, students whose employers require academic credit as a condition of the internship, as well as international students who wish to apply for Curricular Practical Training, must apply for Milestone Credit.

Students who wish to earn the IMC for an approved summer internship must submit verification that the internship was completed, along with any additional work required by their department, prior to the start of the fall term. For international students who are also approved for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) work authorization, failure to submit the required IMC documentation by this deadline may constitute a violation of status. International students who are in violation of their status will not be permitted to continue their studies past the University’s drop/add deadline, and will be required to take a leave of absence. International students should consult the Davis International Center for more information about CPT regulations and their status.

The Office of the Dean of the College has prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions for students and a separate list of Frequently Asked Questions for departments about the Internship Milestone Credit. Students in participating departments may submit an application through TigerHub by clicking the Internship Milestone App link on the Academic Tasks Tile. Additional questions should be directed to Associate Dean of the College Rebekah Peeples.

This Independent Milestone Credit Departmental Data and Contact Table shows which departments currently participate and who the departmental contact is for a student to reach out to with questions.