Enrollment in Graduate Level-Courses

Undergraduates may request to enroll in graduate courses that are well suited to their programs of study. This opportunity is normally reserved for juniors and seniors whose academic achievement makes graduate-level work appropriate. In exceptional circumstances, first- and second-year students may have compelling reasons to take a graduate course.

An AB student who wishes to enroll in a graduate course must obtain three approvals: 1) from the instructor in charge of the course; 2) from the student’s residential college dean; and 3) from the student’s departmental representative (juniors and seniors) or the departmental representative for the department offering the course (first-years and sophomores). A BSE student also needs three approvals: 1) from the instructor in charge of the course; 2) from the student’s departmental representative or academic adviser; and 3) from the associate dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS).

Please note that the following regulations apply:

  • The course will normally not substitute for an existing undergraduate course on the same topic.
  • Students must take the course in the grading basis in which the course is offered. For instance, when a graduate course is designated pass/D/fail only, undergraduates may not take the course for a letter grade. Students should consult their departmental representative prior to taking the class, if they wish to count the pass/D/fail only graduate course as a departmental.
  • For courses that offer the pass/D/fail grading option, the residential college dean (AB students) or associate dean of SEAS (BSE students) must give explicit permission below for a student to elect pass/D/fail basis. Students may not elect the pass/D/fail grading option for departmental courses.
  • Undergraduates may not enroll for credit in graduate courses graded */AUD, but should instead consult the instructor about enrolling in the course as a reading course.
  • Undergraduates must submit written, graded work for any graduate course taken for credit; written work must be completed by Dean’s Date unless prior permission for an extension is granted by the residential college dean.
  • Graduate courses do not satisfy undergraduate distribution requirements.

Undergraduates may not enroll in a graduate course on TigerHub. After obtaining all of the necessary signatures, undergraduates should bring this form to the Office of the Registrar.