Spring Index for the Spring Term 2021

FRS 102 Poetry in the Political & Sexual Revolution of the 1960s & 70s LA CD

Alex Dimitrov

FRS 104 Drama from the Greek Stage to the Modern Screen LA - CANCELED

Andrew Ford

FRS 106 Art and Science of Motorcycle Design STL

Michael Littman

FRS 108 Listening In: Sonic Culture in American History HA

Emily Thompson

FRS 110 Before Hamilton: Histories of the Early American Republic HA

James Alexander Dun

FRS 112 History and Memory: Inventing the Past, Constructing the Present HA

Michael Flower

FRS 114 Mother Tongues SA

Mariana Bono

FRS 116 The Evolution of Human Language EC

Christiane Fellbaum

FRS 118 Life on Mars — Or Maybe Not SA

Edwin Turner and Michael Lemonick

FRS 120 Divided We Stand: Economic Inequality and Its Discontents SA

Thomas Leonard

FRS 122 The Digital Bazaar SA 

Swati Bhatt

FRS 124 From Gulag to Sputnik: Greatest Hits of the Soviet Socialist Experiment HA

Deborah Kaple

FRS 126 Marx in the 21st Century SA

Daniel Hoffman Schwartz

FRS 128 “The Most Sacred of All Property”: The Philosophical Case for Protecting Religious Liberty EM

Thomas Howes

FRS 130 Drawing the Divine Religion and Spirituality in Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga, and Anime CDLA

Andre Benhaim

FRS 132 The Drama Within: Embodying the Immune System on Stage and Screen SEN

Andrea L. Graham

FRS 134 Scientists Against Time HA

Harold Feiveson

FRS 136 Into the Woods: What Disney Didn't Tell You About Fairy Tales LA

Volker Schroder

FRS 138 Representation in Documentary Filmmaking CD LA

Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt

FRS 140 Modernity and Myth: Tradition and Transformation LA CANCELED

Katerina Stergiopoulou

FRS 142 History and Cinema: Fascism in Film HA

Gaetana Marrone-Puglia

FRS 144 The Radical Imagination LA

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

FRS 146 The Idea of Monarchy in Jewish Political Thought EM CANCELED

Benjamin Schvarcz

FRS 148 Conspiracy Theories in Context EC

Elizabeth Davis

FRS 150 Projecting Power SA

Omar Wasow

FRS 152 Drug Discovery: From Snake Venoms to Medicines STN

Paul Reider

FRS 154 Before and After the Wall – US Mexico Border Fictions CD LA

Nadia Cervantes Perez

FRS 156 FAILURE: The “Other ‘F’ Word” – Success & Innovation’s Sibling? SA

John Danner

FRS 158 Steal This Seminar: Pirates, Copiers, and Copyrights in Law and Culture EM CANCELED

Robert Spoo

FRS 160 Free Speech in Law, Ethics, and Politics  EM

Christopher L. Eisgruber

FRS 162 Bioethics: Public Policy, Ethics and the Law SA - CANCELED

Harold T. Shapiro

FRS 164 Fighting for Health: Illness, Iniquities, and Inequality SA

Leslie Gerwin

FRS 166 Monsters, Aliens or US? Adventures in Medieval Fantasies LA

Sarah M. Anderson

FRS 170 The Antislavery Origins of the American Civil War HA - CANCELED

Sean Wilentz

FRS 172 Money, Markets and Morals EM

Steven Kelts

FRS 174 Drawing Data LA

Tim Szetela

FRS 176 The American Dream: Visions and Subversions in American Literature LA

Joyce Carol Oates

FRS 178 Quantum Engineering: Foundations and Impact SEN

Claire Gmachl

FRS 180 The Smart Band-Aid for Tissue Regeneration SEN CANCELED

Jeffrey Schwartz