Spring Index for the Spring Term 2020

FRS 102 Imagining New York: The City in Fiction LA

Alfred Bendixen 

FRS 104 CANCELED Before and After the Wall: US-Mexico Border Fictions LA

Nadia Cervantes Perez

FRS 106 Art and Science of Motorcycle Design STL

Michael Littman

Donald P. Wilson '33 and Edna M. Wilson Freshman Seminar 

FRS 108 Sentencing and Punishment SA

Steve Chanenson

Paul L. Miller '41 Freshman Seminar in Human Values 

FRS 110 Patagonia: From Landscape to Lifestyle Brand HA

Ryan C. Edwards

Barrett Family Freshman Seminar 

FRS 112 Imprisoned Minds: Religion and Philosophy from Jail EM

Mark J. Edwards

Professor Amy Gutmann Freshman Seminar in Human Values 

FRS 114 Free Will and the Problem of Evil EC

Adam Elga

Richard L. Smith '70 Freshman Seminar

FRS 116 The Evolution of Human Language EC

Christiane Fellbaum

Louise S. Sams, Class of 1979, Freshman Seminar 

FRS 118 Life on Mars — Or Maybe Not SA

Michael Lemonick and Edwin Turner

Stuart Family Freshman Seminar 

FRS 120 CANCELED Hogs, Bats, and Ebola: An Introduction to One Health Policy SA

Laura Kahn

FRS 122 Connection and Communication in the Digital Bazaar SA

Swati Bhatt

Professor Burton G. Malkiel *64 Freshman Seminar 

FRS 124 Atomic-bombing and Firebombing Cities in World War II: Morality, Science, and Race HA

Sheldon Garon

Kurt and Beatrice Gutmann Freshman Seminar in Human Values 

FRS 126 Marx in the 21st Century SA

Daniel Hoffman Schwartz

Peter T. Joseph '72 Freshman Seminar in Human Values 

FRS 128 Dante’s Inferno LA

Simone Marchesi

Professor Whitney J. Oates '25 *31 Freshman Seminar in the Humanities

FRS 130 The Cold War and its Legacy SA

Robert Hutchings

L. Richardson Preyer '41 Freshman Seminar in Public Service 

FRS 132 Behind the Scenes: Inside the Princeton University Art Museum LA

Caroline Harris

Barrett Family Freshman Seminar 

FRS 134 Scientists Against Time HA

Harold Feiveson

Bert G. Kerstetter '66 Freshman Seminar 

FRS 138 Projecting Power SA

Omar Wasow

FRS 140 Pathologies of Difference: Art, Medicine, and Race in the British Empire LA

Anna Arabindan Kesson

Barrett Family Freshman Seminar 

FRS 142 History and Cinema: Fascism in Film HA

Gaetana Marrone-Puglia

FRS 144 The Radical Imagination LA

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

FRS 150 CANCELED Cold War in the USSR: The Life and Times of Nikita Khrushchev HA

Deborah Kaple

Stansky Family Freshman Seminar 

FRS 152 Drug Discovery: From Snake Venoms to Medicines STN

Paul Reider

Shelly and Michael Kassen '76 Freshman Seminar 

FRS 154 CANCELED Religion and Secularism SA

Tehseen Thaver

FRS 160 How Not to Be a Leader LA

Barbara Nagel

FRS 162 CANCELED Bioethics: Public Policy, Ethics and the Law SA

Harold Shapiro

Richard L. Smith '70 Freshman Seminar

FRS 164 CANCELED Is Politics a Performance? A Seminar on Participation SA

Aaron Landsman

FRS 166 What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age SA

Joe Stephens

FRS 170 Physics of Baseball and Softball STN

Kasey Wagoner

FRS 172 Our Subjective Reality EC

Yael Niv

FRS 174 The Science and Art of Mapping the World STN

Catherine Riihimaki

FRS 176 The American Dream: Visions and Subversions in American Literature LA

Joyce Carol Oates

Donna '78 and Michael S. Pritula '78 Freshman Seminar