Fall Index for the Fall Term 2020

FRS 101 Afronaut Ascension: A Creative Exploration of Afrofuturism and the Avant Garde LA

Shariffa Ali

FRS 103 Graphic America: Comics, Graphic Narrative, and American Culture LA

Alfred Bendixen

FRS 105 Saving Seeds EM

Tessa Lowinke Desmond

FRS 107 Happiness and Being Human in Catholic Thought EM

Marcus Gibson

FRS 109 Failure: The “Other ‘F’ Word” – Success & Innovation’s Sibling? SA

John Danner

FRS 111 Everyday Enchantment: Blurring the Boundary between the Arts and Life LA

Barbara White

FRS 117 Music, Memory, and the Holocaust LA

Christopher Hailey

FRS 119 The Unfinished Work of Art LA

Carolina Mangone

FRS 121 Behind the Scenes: Inside the Princeton University Art Museum LA

Caroline Harris and Veronica White

FRS 123 Wordplay: A Wry Plod from Babel to Scrabble LA

Joshua Katz

FRS 125 Global Health, Food Security, and the Environment: An Introduction to One Health Policy SA

Laura Kahn

FRS 127 Alternative Facts, Lies, and History HA

Marc Domingo Gygax

FRS 129 West African Drumming LA

Olivier Tarpaga

FRS 131 Sizing Up The Universe QCR

Robert Vanderbei

FRS 133 Difficult Art LA

Zahid Chaudhary

FRS 135, 139, 155 Knowledge and Power CD EC

Instructor TBD

FRS 137 Intellectual Foundations of Modern Conservatism SA

Thomas Kelly

FRS 141 Gender and Sex Diversity EM

Kristina Olson

FRS 143 Is Politics a Performance? SA

Aaron Landsman

FRS 145 Learning to “Spell”: Visions of School in Fantasy and Science Fiction LA

Andy Hakim

FRS 147 How People Change: Short Stories and Life’s Transitions LA

Sheila Kohler

FRS 149 Ethics in Finance SA

Jean-Christophe de Swaan

FRS 151 Time Capsules for Climate Change, to be Opened at Your Reunions SEN

Robert Socolow

FRS 153 Pandemic Pedagogy: School and Society in a Time of Disruption and Trauma SA

Mark Glat

FRS 157 The Bad Old Days? LGBTQ Writing Before Stonewall CD

Brian Peitras

FRS 159 Science, Technology and Public Policy SA

Harold T. Shapiro

FRS 161 How Green is Your Campus? SEL

Adam Maloof and Frederik Simons

FRS 163 Once Upon a Time: Magic Tales and their Meanings LA

Margaret Beissinger

FRS 165 Archeology as History HA

Janet Kay

FRS 169 Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Wisdom of Crowds LA

Susanna Moore

FRS 171 The Lives of Early Christian Women CD HA

AnneMarie Luijendijk

FRS 173 First Year Painting Studio Seminar LA

Pam Lins

FRS 175 Civil Disobedience: Breaking the Law from Socrates to the Civil Rights Movement EM HA

Peter Wirzbicki

FRS 181 "Kim Kardashian is Dead!" And Other Stories: Mobilizing Millions for Human Rights and Social Justice LA

Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

FRS 185 Freedom in the Age of Revolutions EM 

Joel B. Lande

FRS 187 Cannibals and Kings: Uncomfortable Topics in the Pre-Conquest Americas CD

Noa Corcoran-Todd

FRS 189 Systems CD EC

Asif Ghazanfar

FRS 193 Just Looking LA

Ronni Baer