Fall Index for the Fall Term 2019

FRS 101 Afronaut Ascension: A Creative Exploration of Afrofuturism and the Avant Garde LA

Shariffa Ali

FRS 103 Adventures, Afterlives, and Others in the Middle Ages LA

Sarah Anderson

FRS 105  The Architectress: Women and Architecture SA

Basile Baudez

FRS 107 Economics of Immigration in the US: Past and Present SA

Leah Boustan

FRS 109 Failure: From a Regret to a Resource SA

John Danner

FRS 111 Sacred Guests, Scared Hosts: The Risks and Rewards of Hospitality in Secular Times EM

Andre Benhaim

FRS 113 American and Russian Science Fiction: Story-Worlds in Dialogue LA

Elena Fratto

FRS 115 What Makes for a Meaningful Life? A Search EM

Ellen Chances

FRS 117 Before the Holocaust: German, Jews, Music and Identity LA

Christopher Hailey

FRS 119 Martyrdom and Religious Violence in the Ancient Mediterranean World HA

Ra'anan Boustan

FRS 121 Poetry in the Political and Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and 70s LA

Alex Dimitrov

FRS 125 Modernity and Myth LA

Katerina Stergiopoulou

FRS 127 Before Hamilton: Histories of The Early American Republic HA

James Alexander (Alec) Dun

FRS 129 How Does Experience Build a Brain? EC

Lauren Emberson

FRS 131 Creating Audio-Visual Generative Art in the Digital Medium QR

Adam Finkelstein and Jeff Snyder

FRS 133 Race in Latin America HA

Dannelle Gutarra Cordero

FRS 137 Intellectual Foundations of Modern Conservatism SA

Thomas Kelly

FRS 141 The Mathematics of Secrecy, Search, and Society! QR

Jonathan Hanke

FRS 143 Ever Since Nefertiti: Ancient Egypt in (Post)Modern Eyes, Ears, Minds, and Bodies EM

Thomas Hare

FRS 145 Russia and Eastern Europe: From Communism to Hybrid Warfare SA

Marzenna James

FRS 147 How People Change: Short Stories and Life’s Transitions LA

Sheila Kohler

FRS 149 Ethics in Finance SA

Jean-Christophe de Swaan

FRS 151 Time Capsules for Climate Change, to be Opened at Your Reunions STN

Robert Socolow

FRS 153 Excluded, Interned, Occupied: Asians in American History HA

Beth Lew-Williams

FRS 157 Speaking our Minds SA

John Londregan

FRS 159 Science, Technology and Public Policy SA

Harold Shapiro

FRS 161 Earth: Crops, Culture, and Climate (in Italy) STL

Adam Maloof and Frederik Simons

FRS 163 Once Upon a Time: Magic Tales and their Meanings LA

Margaret Beissinger

FRS 165 Thrive! Public Policy and Opportunity SA

Anastasia Mann

FRS 169 Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Wisdom of Crowds LA

Susanna Moore

FRS 171 Life in a Nuclear-Armed World SA

Zia Mian

FRS 173 Mother Tongues: Language and National Identity in the 21st Century SA

Mariana Bono

FRS 175 Reimagining your World: Creativity Scholarship, Skills, and Practical Applications EC

Sheila Pontis

FRS 181 Technologies of the Self in East Asia EC

Brian Steininger

FRS 185 Revolutions and Music HA

Maria Josefa Velasco

FRS 187 Complex Cases: Law, Justice, and Equality in Modern America SA

Felicia Kornbluh

FRS 191 Consuming American: Food, Fiction, and Fact SA

Tessa Lowinske Desmond

FRS 193 Object Immigrants: Six Objects from China in American Collections SA

Chao-Hui Jenny Liu