Course Books Purchasing Tool

Two weeks prior to the start of each term, information regarding required and recommended course books will be available through Timber, the software for submitting course book reading lists to Labyrinth Books. You can access the purchasing tool log on to Canvas.

If you are an incoming first-year student, the best time to buy your course books will be after you have completed advising and registration during orientation; in September, we do not recommend that you buy any course books before coming to campus. There will be ample time to do this once you are here, and when you know your final schedule of courses!

All regularly enrolled, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students (as well as full time international exchange students and post-graduation students in the Program in Teacher Preparation receive a 30% discount off the list price of new and used books for use in Princeton University courses. Both required and recommended titles on the course reading lists are included in the discount program. Under Labyrinth's generous buy-back option the final savings typically come to 55% off all new books and 62.5% off all used books if you want to sell your books back at the end of the semester. All of these programs offer personalized service that is tailored to the needs of Princeton students.

The student book purchasing site will be ready on August 23, 2022 when you will be able to order your course books through Timber and can charge your purchases to your student account, PAW points, or a credit card; or pay with a personal check or cash at the store. Labyrinth staff will package all online course book orders in advance and have them ready for express pickup at the store at 122 Nassau Street. You will need to show your student ID and pick up your order in person.

If you have additional questions about your course book orders, you can email Labyrinth at: You can also visit the course books Facebook page, and find out further information about course book buy backs.

Labyrinth Books is an independent, family-owned bookstore that serves both the University and the local Princeton community. Labyrinth carries a broad range of subject areas including literature, the arts, social and natural sciences, and books for children. In addition to new releases, the store has a vast inventory of deeply discounted remainder titles and used books. Collaborations with other cultural, political, and academic institutions or groups derive from a commitment to keeping a culture of reading alive, and to reaching across intellectual as well as social divides. The store offers a popular events series, the majority of which include members of the Princeton University community. Details can be found at