Study Abroad Advising

The experience of studying abroad is usually one of the most memorable, and arguably valuable, aspects of a Princeton education — that is, if you choose to take advantage of the many opportunities the University offers students who want to spend time abroad.

The prospect of arranging and completing a study abroad program is a daunting one for many students, but the study abroad office offers a wide variety of resources. Princeton carefully reviews the many, many study abroad options that are available for college students. Indeed, the Study Abroad Program has a long and successful record of counseling Princeton students who wish to take advantage of international academic resources. Our study abroad counselors are the best in the business and beyond them stand nearly a hundred peer advisers — Princeton students who have studied successfully in all corners of the globe — as well as informative web materials.

Is there a particular university that has special resources relevant to your research or your general academic interest? Are you fascinated by a country, a region? Do you want to become fluent in a foreign language? Princeton students regularly go abroad for these and many other reasons, and the Study Abroad Program has the experience and the resources to make that happen for you. Study abroad advising goes well beyond suggesting and approving programs abroad; the office also assists students in a variety of practical matters, including funding, housing and getting connected with the local population.

Study at foreign universities can extend for a full year, a semester or a summer. The study abroad office also administers special partnerships with such renowned institutions as the University of Oxford and Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris; and the University belongs to a variety of consortiums all over the world that offer special educational opportunities for Princeton undergraduates.