Pre-Law Advising

Are you considering applying to law school? While Princeton does not have a pre-law major or curriculum, there are many academic and extracurricular activities available to gain exposure to the field and build related skills — including oral and written communication skills, analytical reasoning, critical analysis of written works and research.

The Center for Career Development can help you further explore your interest in the law and assist you with the law school application process via the following programs, services and resources:

  • Individual appointments with a counselor to discuss your interests, review law school application timelines and critique your application materials.
  • Law school information sessions held on campus every fall, which provide great opportunities to meet law school admissions representatives and ask questions.
  • Pre-law workshops and alumni panels to learn more about the application process as well as the various practice areas available.
  • A one- to three-day Princeternship with a member of our alumni community working in the legal profession, which can help you learn more about various aspects of the field and make valuable connections.
  • the Center for Career Development portals — HireTigers and UCAN — to help you find internships at law firms or within non-profit legal services organizations. 
  • The Alumni Careers Network, an online database of alumni mentors working in the field or attending law school, whom you can contact for advice and information.

Be sure to attend our events and workshops, review the law school section on the office's website, read the weekly CareerNews e-newsletter, stop in during daily walk-in hours 2:00-4:00 p.m., or schedule an appointment online with a counselor at any time during your time at Princeton.