Health Professions Advising

What does it mean to be a “pre-health” student at Princeton? It means that you are considering going to medical, veterinary, dental or another health professions school some time after you finish your undergraduate degree. And it's not just about academics! Usually, it means that you have a deep and abiding interest in science and humanity, you have a particular interest in health and disease, you have a desire to help others, and you thrive on hard work, responsibility and leadership. 

What does it take to successfully gain entrance to a health professions school? There is no absolute definition. Students who tend to be successful in the pre-health journey usually: 

The advisers in the Office of Health Professions Advising (HPA) work with all students interested in careers in the health professions, and with alumni who are applying to health professions schools. If you are considering the health professions, we encourage you to attend workshops, familiarize yourself with the HPA website, subscribe to our weekly email newsletter ("Vitals"), like the HPA Facebook page and meet with an adviser to introduce yourself at any time. The advisers enjoy working with students at all stages, from first-year course selection through the health professions school application process.