Declaring a Major

Most AB students declare their majors in April of sophomore year, whereas BSE students formally declare their majors in May of their first year after meeting with departments in April.

AB Major Declaration 

A.B. sophomores preparing to enter their junior year must officially declare their intended concentration prior to selecting courses for the fall semester. The 2023 concentration declaration period is March 30 to April 17. Each department has its own prerequisite courses and steps required to enter the major.

Review the general department information for prospective A.B. concentrators and follow the instructions for concentrators or new majors for your intended department. Should you have questions, please contact the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies, the Undergraduate Administrator or a designated departmental adviser.

Once you have reviewed the information provided by the department, please complete the process outlined below to declare your intended concentration. After you have completed this process, you will be able to enroll in courses for the coming semester:

STEP 1. Check that you have met the departmental requirements and declare your intention to concentrate:

Indicate your intended concentration on TigerHub between March 30 and April 17, 2023. (Some departments may require you to complete additional steps prior to this deadline. Refer to the Registrar's page on A.B. Concentration Information.) Note, entry into a concentration is subject to final approval by the department and assumes successful completion of pre-requisite courses. 

STEP 2. Complete the Academic Planning Form (APF):

You must submit your completed APF in TigerHub before meeting with your departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies or designated departmental advisor, who will need to review and approve it. See your department's instructions on how to schedule a meeting with the appropriate adviser. Note: you must declare your intended concentration before both you and your department are able to view your APF.

STEP 3. Follow department instructions for course advising and confirmation of concentration:

After submitting your APF, review your course plans with a departmental adviser, and secure approval for your courses for the coming semester. Some departments require additional steps to complete entry into the concentration (e.g., submission of additional forms). Be sure to follow all instructions from your department.

STEP 4. After your departmental adviser approves your APF, you will be able to enroll in courses April 19.

BSE Major Declaration

STEP 1. Departmental Approval and Course Advising. The process of choosing a major involves attending the Engineering Departmental Open Houses at the beginning of April, meeting with an adviser in your intended department (you may meet with advisers in several departments before deciding), having your intended program of study approved, and enrolling in the fall-term courses appropriate for a sophomore in your department.

STEP 2. Major Declaration. During the first week in May, BSE students confirm their choice of major by visiting the major declaration page on the Registrar’s website, having been sent a link to this page when it is activated. If you change your mind over the summer or at the beginning of sophomore year, there is a simple process for changing departments.

Complete information on the process of joining a department is sent to all BSE first-year students by the Undergraduate Affairs Office of the School of Engineering and Applied Science after spring recess.