Declaring a Major

Most AB students declare their majors in mid-April of sophomore year, whereas BSE students formally declare their majors in May of their first year after meeting with departments in April. The processes in each case can be summed up in two easy steps. 

AB Major Declaration 

  1. Departmental Approval and Course Advising. Before declaring your major, you must have the approval of your prospective department. Each department has its own specific procedures, and the best way to learn about them is to attend the open houses that each one offers in April. Generally, you will need to schedule an appointment with the designated faculty adviser for your new department and complete the Pre-Concentration Form on TigerHub, which temporarily releases your course history to department advisers to facilitate advising discussions.
  2. Major Declaration. When the departmental approval process is complete, you are ready to declare your major by going to the major declaration page on the Registrar’s Website. The Office of the Registrar will send AB sophomores a link to this page when it is activated at the start of the major declaration period. The major declaration period in 2018 is April 5-24.

There are currently two limited exceptions to this procedure.

  • In rare cases, you may wish to declare an early concentration.
  • In very rare instances, AB students whose interests cannot adequately be served by existing departmental concentrations or interdepartmental programs may choose to pursue an independent concentration. If you are interested in pursuing an independent concentration, contact the Office of the Dean of the College. Applications are due by December 15, 2017.

BSE Major Declaration

  1. Departmental Approval and Course Advising. The process of choosing a major involves attending the Engineering Departmental Open Houses at the beginning of April, meeting with an adviser in your intended department (you may meet with advisers in several departments before deciding), having your intended program of study approved, and enrolling in the fall-term courses appropriate for a sophomore in your department.
  2. Major Declaration. During the first week in May, BSE students confirm their choice of major by visiting the major declaration page on the Registrar’s website, having been sent a link to this page when it is activated. If you change your mind over the summer or at the beginning of sophomore year, there is a simple process for changing departments.

Complete information on the process of joining a department is sent to all BSE freshmen by the Undergraduate Affairs Office of the School of Engineering and Applied Science after spring recess.