At Princeton, we offer programs and services to support your engagement, learning, and academic success.

Adapting to new ways of teaching, expectations and academic demands as you transition into and through Princeton requires developing new ways of learning, studying, problem-solving. You can enhance your skills and strategies by utilizing these cost-free learning support services on campus.

Group Study Hall and Individual Tutoring through the McGraw Center

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning offers Group Drop-In Study Hall and Individual Peer Tutoring in large, introductory STEM courses. McGraw's undergraduate peer tutoring page offers details about the courses that McGraw supports, how to make the most of McGraw's tutoring, and how to become a tutor. 

Individual Tutoring through the Residential Colleges

The residential colleges coordinate peer tutoring in introductory courses not supported by McGraw. Meet with your dean or assistant dean for studies to discuss options. 

Student Guide: Find a Tutor

Student Guide: Become a Tutor

Academic Life and Learning Consultations

Meet one-to-one with an academic coach (consultant) to work on ANY course and ANY academic life and learning question, issue, or goal.

Advanced Academic Strategies Workshops

Enhance essential academic skills and strategies for time management, reading, learning, studying, exam prep, problem-solving and managing independent work, among other topics in these research-based yet practical, hands-on and engaging workshops.

Find a Study Group or Partner

Partner with your fellow students. Use the TigerStudy app to find students in your courses for a study group or a study partner for mutual supportive accountability.

Digital Learning Lab

Access digital media technologies along with one-on-one training on various applications in the McGraw Center’s Digital Learning Lab.