From helping students choose first semester courses to offering guidance as they manage a major, faculty and departmental staff are central to each student’s advising team.

A student’s faculty adviser is among the first contacts they have with Princeton. During the summer before new students arrive on campus, faculty advisers set up meetings to help students select courses. In doing so, they form departmental relationships that deepen throughout students’ time here. Once students declare their majors–and often, beforehand–additional departmental advising is available to guide their studies and support achievement in independent work.

Faculty Advisers

Well trained in the University’s core requirements, faculty advisers help students think broadly and make the most of their liberal arts education. They meet with students regularly to help them select courses and plan their studies. B.S.E. candidates are matched with faculty in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. A.B. candidates are advised by faculty from our many departments and programs, ranging from African American Studies to the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. 

Departmental Advising

Departmental directors of undergraduate studies are an additional and important source of academic support. Fluent in their respective departments’ requirements, courses, and opportunities, they are available to consult with students before they land on a particular major or minor and throughout their studies. 

As students progress through their majors and engage independent work, additional faculty advisers are assigned.

For academic skills coaching, meet with a McGraw Center academic life and learning consultant.