Trisha Thorme

Photo of Trisha Thorme
Trisha Thorme
Director of the Community-Based Learning Initiative
36 University Place, Room 1M

The Community-Based Learning Initiative (CBLI) facilitates research projects useful to local community organizations, and the director works especially with students and faculty members to integrate those projects into students’ academic work at Princeton. She helps plan and support courses involving community-based research projects. She also leads a national assessment project on the student learning outcomes of community-based research. 

Trisha Thorme has been with CBLI since 2000 and is passionate about using knowledge for social change. Before coming to Princeton she directed the Landis Community Outreach Center at Lafayette College and served as a part-time lecturer there. She holds degrees in anthropology from Yale and Cornell, and her recent work explores how students, faculty members and communities change as a result of community-based research. Her guide to running programs like CBLI was published by the Council for Undergraduate Research in 2011 and has been used by colleges and universities throughout the country.