Sha Sanyal

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Office Phone
409 Morrison Hall

As program coordinator, Sha Sanyal, in conjunction with the deputy dean and associate dean of the college, has responsibility for managing, implementing, and providing ongoing support for all aspects of the program ensuring collaboration amongst 80+ faculty members from various departments, assisting them with seminar-scheduling, classroom assignment, travel arrangements, and course materials. She manages the teaching and operational budget of the program and facilitates the faculty appointment process. She oversees reimbursements for visitor travel, processing of honoraria and ordering textbooks. She maintains the FRS website and prepares the annual program listing for web publication. She responds to hundreds of inquiries from incoming students, parents and residential college program administrators about the program. Sha is also responsible for annual event execution of the following:  First-year registration day, Freshman Seminar Executive Committee annual meeting, bi-annual town hall meetings of FRS faculty for the current academic year, and the annual spring celebration for faculty and staff.

Areas of Responsibility
Freshman Seminars Program