Rebekah Peeples

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Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment
Office Phone
412 Morrison Hall

Dean Rebekah Peeples (Massengill) has specific responsibility for curriculum and assessment. She serves as Secretary of the Faculty Committee on the Course of Study and oversees all undergraduate curricular planning and implementation, including course policies and practices, departmental and program requirements, general education requirements and designations, the Program for Community Engaged Scholarship, and the Undergraduate Announcement. She also manages the Office of the Dean of the College’s relationship with directors of undergraduate studies (DUS), working closely with academic departments, programs, and individual faculty members on the development of curricular proposals for new and enhanced offerings. Dean Peeples also coordinates the collection, analysis, and reporting of data to inform efforts to enhance undergraduate teaching and learning.

Prior to coming to Morrison Hall, Dean Peeples was the Director of Studies at Mathey College, working closely with faculty academic advisers, peer academic advisers, and departmental faculty members to advise and support Mathey students in diverse plans of academic study. Prior to her work in the residential colleges, she held teaching positions at both Princeton (in the Princeton Writing Program and the Sociology department) and Swarthmore College (Sociology and Anthropology). She received a B.A. in political science from Davidson College and a Ph.D. in sociology from Princeton. She is the author of numerous articles and chapters that explore culture and inequality, as well as the book Wal-Mart Wars: Moral Populism in the 21st Century, which was published by NYU Press in 2013.  She is presently finishing a book about boy sopranos and boy choirs in the present-day United States.

Areas of Responsibility
Committee on the Course of Study
Departmental Proposals for the Committee on the Course of Study
Minors Proposals for the Committee on the Course of Study
Reading Courses
Undergraduate Announcement