Justine Levine

Dean of Rockefeller College
Office Phone
203A Madison Hall

Dean Levine directly oversees the academic and residential life advising for all students affiliated with Rockefeller College, supervises the day-to-day operation of the college office and works closely with the head of college and Rockefeller staff to offer cultural, intellectual and social programs for students.

Prior to becoming Dean, Justine Levine served as Director of Studies at Rocky for five years, working closely with first years and sophomores. Before arriving at Rocky, she spent fourteen years in advising roles, serving as a Fellowship Adviser here at Princeton, Dean for Sophomores and Associate Director of the Honors Program at Rutgers, and founder and Director of the undergraduate research program at Rutgers. She earned her BA in English at Rutgers, a MA in English (focusing on African American and Latinx literature) at UCLA, and returned to Rutgers for her doctoral degree in Sociology and Philosophy of Education.

Areas of Responsibility
Academic Advising, A.B. candidates
Advanced Standing and Advanced Placement
Leaves of Absence
Rockefeller College
Transfers between Degree Programs: A.B. to B.S.E.
Transfers between Degree Programs: B.S.E. to A.B.
Transfers between Departments