James Alexander (Alec) Dun

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Associate Dean
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408 Morrison Hall

As associate dean, Alec Dun provides guidance to students, faculty members, and others regarding a variety of matters affecting the academic lives of undergraduates and helps to manage the relationship between academic and athletic affairs. His primary responsibilities include:

  • overseeing the Princeton Academic-Athletic Fellows Program;
  • collaborating with colleagues in the Office of the Dean of the College to shape the advising role of fellows;
  • enhancing the advising experiences of student-athletes;
  • working with Athletics and the Office of the Registrar on matters pertaining to student-athlete eligibility;
  • directing the Freshman Seminars Program and other initiatives related to undergraduate education. 

To access more information, visit Dean Dun's Academic Athletic Advising website.

Alec graduated from Amherst College, where he was a history major and a four-year member of both the tennis and squash teams. He entered Princeton in 1997 as a graduate student in History and received his doctorate in 2004. He then taught in the History Department for the following thirteen years, serving as junior adviser and departmental representative for various periods along the way. During his time at Princeton, Alec has also taught in the Freshman Seminars Program and the Freshman Scholars Institute, has been an academic adviser for Butler College, has served as an academic-athletic fellow, and has been a mentor in the Scholars Institute Fellows Program. A historian specializing in early America and with a particular interest in issues involving race, slavery, and revolution, Alec is the author of several essays and articles, as well as the 2016 book, Dangerous Neighbors: Making the Haitian Revolution in Early America. (Read more about Dean Dun's academic pursuits.)

Areas of Responsibility
Athletic Academic Affairs
Freshman Seminars Program