Cecily H. Swanson

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Associate Dean for Academic Advising
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405A Morrison Hall

Dean Swanson has responsibility for designing, managing, and evaluating academic advising programs for undergraduate students. In collaboration with the Senior Associate Dean, she coordinates academic advising within the residential colleges, working closely with the Assistant Deans (formerly called Directors of Studies) to create innovative faculty and peer advising programs. She oversees all academic aspects of first-year orientation and manages advising communications for faculty and students.

Cecily Swanson received her B.A. in English literature from Reed College and her Ph.D. in English literature from Cornell University. She has held teaching positions at NYU (Expository Writing Program) and at Princeton (Writing Program). Before assuming her current role, she was the Director of Studies at Mathey College.

Areas of Responsibility
Academic Advising, A.B. candidates
Advanced Standing and Advanced Placement
Dale Summer Awards
First-Year Student Orientation
Newly Admitted First-Year Students
Orientation Week, Academic Activities
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