Research lessons from social media

Detail of the painting "The Four Evangelists," by Abraham Bloemaert. Photo by Stacey Huang.

Stacey Huang '16, a correspondent with the Office of Undergraduate Research, attended the recent Social Media Day at Princeton. She came away with several thoughts on the relationship of social media to research, and composed a blog entry illustrated by images from the University Art Museum, including the apparent eye-rolling image seen on this page. One of Huang's takeaways comes from Jill Dolan, Dean of the College: “We should strive to think about how to imagine the world differently and offer people alternative perspectives to widely known topics.” 

To Huang, that approach to creating social media can also apply to research, because "Your work may very well end up challenging current norms, traditions, and methods of doing things—and that’ll make a lot of people uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from pursuing it.'

You may read the full blog article on the website of Princeton Correspondents on Undergraduate Research.