McGraw Center: Online Learning Highlights

Online learning highlights. Image courtesy of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.

During the past year, the Center’s Online Teaching and Learning Initiative began a series of pilot projects that implement key recommendations in the University’s Strategic Review of Online Education. The suggested priorities include: promoting access and retention across the curriculum, especially in STEM courses, producing a small private online summer course, creating high-impact MOOCs, and developing the capacity for research in online learning.

Current Projects

FSI 2U – Princeton is bringing the Freshman Scholar Institute (FSI) to students who are unable to attend the summer program on campus. The small private online course will offer students with an opportunity to engage in Ways of Knowing in the humanities and social sciences in readings, writing and online discussions with peers and FSI teaching staff. This online experience will help to prepare incoming students for their transition to academic life at Princeton. Summer 2016. 

POL 329: Policy Making in America – Professor Charles Cameron will “flip” ten lectures of this course by moving some material online and developing new interactive mini-case studies and problem sets to replace those lectures. The precepts will be modified to incorporate active exercises to develop specific student skills, and online material will be created to support the precept-based skill exercises. The evaluation of student performance will be revamped using online tools. Fall 2016. 

HIS 201: World History Since 1300 – Professor Jeremy Adelman is expanding the reach of his MOOC Global History Lab, in which his History 201 students will also be enrolled. Groups of learners in refugee camps in Jordan and Kenya will participate in Global History Lab, and they will meet in the camps for discussions led by tutors trained by Princeton graduate students. Undergraduates in HIS 201 will exchange their ideas with refugee groups throughout the semester. In addition to bringing the diverse perspectives of worldwide learners into the Princeton classroom, students will engage directly with the global refugee crisis and humanitarian history as they unfold. Fall 2016. 

ROCED: Repository for Online Course Environment Data – The McGraw Center is joining forces with the Keller Center for Entrepreneurship and Education Innovation in creating a repository to host data from Princeton’s online and blended courses. This initiative will create the capacity for research that will deepen the understanding of online learning and inform new innovative teaching methods. Fall 2016.

See the McGraw Center website for a video and more information on Princeton's online learning initiatives.