Life, unpacked: Freshman seminar explores search for a meaningful life

Ellen Chances, professor of Slavic language and literatures, leads a discussion in the freshman seminar “What Makes a Meaningful Life? A Search.” She designed this Freshman seminar to give first-year students the opportunity “to contemplate what others have said about living a meaningful life, and to reflect upon their own thoughts and questions.” Each weekly topic looks at life from a different perspective: wisdom of our elders; a response to life’s imperfections; creativity and meaning; love, connection and responsibility; hope, dreams and ideals in societal contexts; and material and spiritual values.

“I hope that the students will be connected to the most acutely alive aspects of their beings, those parts that keep growing, searching, questioning, in order to live meaningful lives,” Chances said. “I hope they find fulfillment personally, intellectually, spiritually and ethically, in terms of pursuing authenticity, integrity, sensitivity to other people.”

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Photo by Denise Applewhite, Office of Communications