Dean's Date Postponed until May 10th

Morrison Hall

April 30, 2021

Dear Undergraduate Students,

I write with concern about the increase in student distress at the end of this enormously difficult year.

We’re all devastated by Kevin Chang ‘23’s tragic death. This loss makes the completion of a challenging semester that much more stressful and painful. My colleagues and I understand your grief and dismay.

To continue toward your degrees, you must finish your work this semester. But to give you what we know is much-needed breathing room, the Faculty Committee on Examinations and Standing, with support from the Dean of the College, the Vice President for Campus Life, the Dean of the Faculty, the Provost, and the President, has approved an extension of Dean’s Date this semester, from Wednesday, May 5th, until Monday, May 10th.

Because many final exams are self-scheduled take-homes, you should be able to manage your workloads idiosyncratically, even though Dean’s Date will now push into exam week.

Let me also encourage any of you who feel overwhelmed by your academic obligations to contact your residential college dean or director of studies, who really want to help you academically, as well as your residential college’s director of student life.

I’ve alerted the faculty about this change and shared with them Christian Potter’s letter asking for compassion and latitude during this tough semester’s end. I’ve also asked faculty to consider anything additional they might do in their teaching and advising to support you as you complete your work.

Please take good care of yourselves. We need all of you; we care about each and every one of you; you and your futures matter.


Dean Dolan