Adjustment of campus COVID protocols: Memo from Vice President Calhoun and Dean Dolan

CampusLife Fall Trees on campus
November 27, 2021

Dear Princeton Undergraduates,

We hope you’ve had a restful and warm Thanksgiving holiday. As we prepare to finish the remainder of the semester, we write with news of recent decisions about our COVID protocols.

We’ve had a remarkably healthy and safe term. The week of the holiday, however, we saw a rise in cases among undergraduate students.

As a result, we’re updating the campus risk status to Moderate-to-High and instituting the following adjustments to our campus COVID protocols:

  • On returning to campus, you must submit a saliva sample for testing as soon as you arrive. The testing lab will be open on Sunday. Test kits placed in drop boxes by 10 a.m. will be processed on Sunday.
  • Until you receive a negative test, you must wear face coverings indoors, even around roommates or suite-mates. Regardless of your test results, it’s especially important that you adhere to all other requirements of the University’s Face Coverings Policy.
  • All students must test twice per week regardless of your vaccination status. This increased testing will continue while our positivity rate and case numbers remain moderate-to-high.
  • Due to the nature of contact during varsity and recreational sports practice and competitions, students participating in these activities must test three times per week.
  • We recommend that all students get a COVID-19 booster when you become eligible (six months after the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer and two months after J&J). Do enter your booster dose information into MyUHS.
  • For the remainder of the term, masks must be worn in all teaching and learning contexts. As permitted all semester, instructors who can maintain six feet or more of distance from students can, at their own discretion, teach without face coverings. All others should remain masked in all classrooms.
  • Student social gatherings with more than 20 people are prohibited until our cases decrease.

We have six teaching days left prior to reading week and final exams. (The last day of class is December 6; reading week is December 7 – 14; final exams run from December 15 – 21.)

We hope you’ll be able to complete your semester’s coursework without interruption. Dean Dolan has advised faculty to be prepared to help students who test positive and/or are required to isolate or quarantine. Instructors will tape lectures to post on Canvas; will consider converting seated final exams to take-home exams; and must accommodate students in required isolation who can’t attend class.

If you test positive for COVID, please consult with your residential college staff, who can help you with options and contact your instructors. If you’ve received a positive result from a test you took off-campus, you should report your status to UHS by emailing

The precautions we’ll observe now are meant to help us stay the course, so that we can continue teaching and learning in person while cases in our area and across the country increase. We’re monitoring the news from South Africa about the Omicron variant, which has not been detected in our campus cases.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your residential college staff with any questions at all. Our COVID information webpage remains updated with the latest news, as does our dashboard.

We wish you all continued good health as we finish out the fall semester. We want everyone to continue to stay healthy and safe.

Our best,


W. Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life

Jill Dolan, Dean of the College