250th Anniversary Fund fosters classroom innovation

Kosuke Imai's Visualizing Data class. Image courtesy of the McGraw center for Teaching and Learning.

The 250th Anniversary Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education (the Innovation Fund) is the University's principal resource for supporting innovation in the undergraduate curriculum. With the endorsement of their department or program, faculty members may submit proposals for new or reimagined courses in any subject at any level. 

Some of the courses that have benefitted from the Innovation Fund are highlighted on videos collected in the Teaching Ideas Video Gallery. Examples include:

CEE 463: The Art of Spanish Bridge Design, taught by Maria Garlock and Ignacio Payá-Zaforteza. The semester-long course includes a trip to Spain, during which the students learn about design and structure as well as economical, political, cultural, environmental and geographical context. 

EGR 392: Creativity, Innovation and Design, taught by Derek Lidow. The classroom was redesigned specifically for Lidow’s class and has the capability to be reconfigured at any moment during class to encourage a flow of new ideas.

POL 245: Visualizing Data, taught by Kosuke Imai. Equal parts art, programming, and statistical reasoning, this course introduces students to the powerful R programming language. Students work together to consider ways to illustrate compelling stories hidden in a blizzard of data.

Applications for the current cycle of funding must be submitted by February 1, 2017. More information on the 250th Anniversary Fund is located under the Faculty & Staff section of the website.