Past Deans of the College

The Dean of the College is Princeton’s third-oldest deanship, established in the spring of 1909 by University President Woodrow Wilson.

Deans of the College, Department, Tenure as Dean

Edward G. Elliott, politics, 1909-1912

Howard McClenahan, physics, 1912-1925

Christian Gauss, modern languages, 1925-1946

Francis R. B. Godolphin, classics, 1946-1955

Jeremiah S. Finch, English, 1955-1961

J. Merrill Knapp, music, 1961-1966

Edward D. Sullivan, French, 1966-1972

Neil L. Rudenstine, English, 1972-1977

Joan S. Girgus, psychology, 1977-1987

Nancy Weiss Malkiel, history, 1987- 2011

Valerie A. Smith, English, 2011 - 2015