We work to guarantee that Princeton students complete their undergraduate studies prepared to engage creatively and empathetically with an ever more interconnected world, and to embody Princeton’s informal motto: “in the nation’s service and the service of humanity.”

For more than 100 years, the Office of the Dean of the College has been responsible for ensuring the academic rigor and intellectual coherence of Princeton’s undergraduate education, with its distinctive emphasis on independent research. 

This enduring work has expanded over time to ensure that Princeton’s liberal arts curriculum continues to fulfill the university’s mission and to serve the needs of an expanding student population with a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences.

Today, our scope extends from admission and financial aid; through pedagogical engagement, research-related and international programing; to preparation for further study and professional careers after graduation.

Our office coordinates advising and educational activities across the residential colleges and through many sub-units, including the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, the Writing Program, and many others.  We’re united by our common mission to empower students to navigate the curriculum productively and successfully.

Our work is informed by several common goals: 

We promote an intellectual culture that celebrates the pleasure of discovery and the rigor of informed debate. 

We support innovation in teaching and research, working with students and faculty to design new courses and modes of learning.  

We guide all Princeton students toward the resources they need both to identify and to achieve their personal goals.

Above all, the Office of the Dean of the College is defined by a shared commitment to respect, diversity, and intellectual freedom.  Our work could scarcely be more important or more rewarding.

Revised March 31, 2023