Middle States Accreditation

"The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is a voluntary, non-governmental, regional membership association currently serving higher education institutions in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other geographic areas in which the Commission conducts accrediting activities" (Middle States Commission on Higher Education).

Princeton University Accreditation Notes

Statement of Accreditation Status

Accreditation Steering Committee


Michael D. Gordin, Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History. Professor of History. Director, Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts.

Elizabeth L. Colagiuri, Deputy Dean of the College. Accreditation Liaison Officer.

Committee Members

Craig B. Arnold, Vice Dean for Innovation, Office of the Dean for Research. Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Michael Avanti Lopez, Associate Director of Administrative Planning, Office of the Executive Vice President. Secretary, Executive Risk Management Committee.

Anne W. Caswell-Klein, Dean, New College West. Acts on behalf of the Faculty Committee on Examinations and Standing.

Mona C. Fixdal, Senior Associate Director for Blended and Online Learning Design, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. Co-Chair, Canvas Steering Committee.

Agustín Fuentes, Professor of Anthropology. Member: Committee on the Course of Study Subcommittee on Culture and Difference.

Rebekah Peeples, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment, Office of the Dean of the College. Secretary, Committee on the Course of Study.

Stacey A. Sinclair, Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs. Head of Mathey College. Member: Priorities Committee; Committee on Naming.

Katherine A. Stanton, Associate Dean of the College and Director, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. Secretary, Faculty Council on Teaching and Learning.

Working Group Roster




October 4, 2022

Campus Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Anne Wahl, Ed.D., Vice President for Institutional Field Relations, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Fall 2022

Steering Committee and Working Groups Undertake Self-Study

Fall 2023

Community Review of Self-Study. Evaluation Team Chair's Preliminary Visit

February 2024

Submit Self-Study to MSCHE

Spring 2024

Full External Evaluation Team Visit

June 2024

Commission Action