The 250th Anniversary Fund

The 250th Anniversary Fund supports innovation in undergraduate education. The Office of the Dean of the College looks for new initiatives sponsored by departments or programs and submitted through department chairs or program directors by way of proposals.

Departments and programs are invited to make proposals for curricular initiatives designed to strengthen their course offerings. The annual call for proposals will identify if there is a specified focus in a given year (e.g., redistribution initiative, sophomore initiative). Areas of innovation can include, but are not limited to: technologically innovative courses, international offerings, writing-intensive courses and workshops, introductory and foundational courses, interdisciplinary course sequences at the introductory level, departmental curricula, freshman seminars, Community-Based Learning Initiative courses and other innovative offerings.

As a general matter, departments or programs should propose new courses or other curricular initiatives that will be ongoing rather than one-time offerings. The expectation is that courses funded through the 250th Anniversary Fund will be offered at least three times. Departments or programs may seek up to three years of support for a new initiative.

In formulating proposals, departments and programs are strongly encouraged to make use of the resources and guidance of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning (contact the director for teaching initiatives and programs at the McGraw Center, Jeff Himpele, at 8-8158) and the Princeton Writing Program (contact the director, Amanda Irwin Wilkins, at 8-2703).

Questions regarding the suitability of a particular proposal should be directed to Dean Valerie Smith or Dean Clayton Marsh. Proposals from the School of Engineering and Applied Science should be submitted through the Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education. Proposals should also specify the faculty members who will be teaching courses or supervising programs during the duration of the grant period.

Recommendations on funding will be made to the president by the dean and the deputy dean of the college, the dean and two associate deans of the faculty, the director of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, and the director of the Princeton Writing Program.

Recipients of awards will be expected to provide reports, after the first year of implementation and annually thereafter, accounting for the use of the funds and providing data on the success of the initiatives undertaken.

Please refer to the 250th Anniversary Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education memo distributed by the dean of the college and dean of the faculty in November for additional guidelines and the submission deadline.