University Scholar Program

The University Scholar Program is designed for students with exceptional talent in an academic or creative area that cannot be pursued within the regular curriculum. The requirements for admission to the program include: evidence of a strong academic record at Princeton; evidence of exceptional talent and accomplishment in an academic or creative field; and strong support for the student's program from faculty members. Admission to the program is granted by a subcommittee of the Committee on Examinations and Standing and may result in a slightly reduced course schedule in the appropriate semesters, a reduced number of courses required for graduation and possible exemption from specific distribution requirements.

A number of University Scholars have been musicians intent on making a career in music. University Scholars may be instrumentalists who take lessons in New York City weekly, have lengthy daily practice schedules or have professional obligations such as concert tours or performances during the school year. The program is especially intended for students who want to pursue the advantages of a liberal arts education at Princeton rather than attending a music conservatory or preprofessional school. In order to make it possible for such students to attend Princeton and also to fulfill their other obligations, a reduced course load may be arranged.

To learn more about the program, please contact Dean Elizabeth Colagiuri. The dean’s assistant can help you with scheduling an appointment.