Choosing a Major

Your major is a significant part of your intellectual experience at Princeton, so you will want to select a department that is a good fit for your interests, talents, values, and goals. However, bear in mind that what you learn in your major will be complemented by your other coursework, certificates, internships, study abroad experiences and extracurriculars. Moreover, every Princeton major teaches you to think critically and creatively, perform research and communicate your ideas — skills that will serve you well whatever your path after graduation. 

We encourage you to thoughtfully explore different departments in your first two years at Princeton before deciding which one is best for you. Even if you feel certain about one major, it’s wise to have alternatives in case you have second thoughts, encounter unexpected obstacles, or simply discover you like another field even more!

One of the best ways to explore is to sample potential majors by simply taking courses in them. We have also provided you these Self-Assessment Questions to help you think about your interests, goals, and talents in relation to your major. Finally, there is an abundance of advising resources available at Princeton to guide you. 

Resources and Events to Help You Choose a Major