Choosing a Major

Your choice of major won’t by any means decide your life course, but it will determine the focus of your studies for your final two years at Princeton. You will want to select a department that is a good fit for your interests, talents and goals.

You might ask yourself: In what department will the requirements, course offerings and independent work allow me to study what I love? Where will I excel and develop the specific skills that matter to me? Where will I learn things that will help me make a difference in the world?

We encourage you to thoughtfully explore different departments in your first two years at Princeton before deciding which one is best for you. Your advisers and peers can help guide you, and our Major Choices website is a terrific source of information and advice. But perhaps the best way to sample potential majors, is to simply take courses in them. 

Bear in mind that while your major is a significant part of your Princeton experience, it will not comprise all of that experience. What you learn in your major will be complemented by your other coursework, certificates, internships, study abroad experiences and extracurriculars. Moreover, every Princeton major teaches you to think critically and creatively, perform research and communicate your ideas — skills that will serve you well whatever your path after graduation.