What We Do


Academic Advising, A.B. candidates: Claire Fowler, Residential College Deans and Directors of Studies

Academic Advising, B.S.E. candidates: Peter Bogucki

Academic Technology: Elizabeth Colagiuri

Advanced Standing and Advanced Placement: Claire Fowler, Residential College Deans and Directors of Studies

Assessment and Accreditation: Clayton Marsh, Elizabeth Colagiuri

Athletic Academic Affairs: Tara Christie Kinsey


Bridge Year Program: John Luria, Scott Leroy

Business School Advising: TBD


Calendar for Dean Colagiuri: Angela Francis

Calendar for Dean Fowler: Rosemarie Maze

Calendar for Dean Kanach: Gabriela Gonzalez

Calendar for Dean Marsh: Angela Francis

Calendar for Dean McKay: Christy Siress

Calendar for Dean Smith: Carla Hailey Penn 

Certificate Proposals for the Committee on the Course of Study: Elizabeth Colagiuri, Vicky Glosson

Committee on Classrooms and Schedule: Polly Griffin

Committee on the Course of Study: Clayton Marsh, Vicky Glosson

Committee on Examinations and Standing: Claire Fowler

Committee on Grading: Valerie Smith, Elizabeth Colagiuri

Committee on Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid: Valerie Smith, Robin Moscato

Community-Based Learning Initiative (CBLI): Trisha Thorme

Continuing Education: Claire Fowler, Stephanie Brown

Course Book Reading Lists: Vicky Glosson

Coursera Online Learning Platform: Clayton Marsh, Jeff Himpele

Curricular Innovations (250th Fund): Valerie Smith, Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis


Dale Fellowship: Claire Fowler

Dale Summer Awards: Claire Fowler

Dean’s Fund for Summer Study Abroad: Nancy Kanach

Departmental Proposals for the Committee on the Course of Study: Clayton Marsh, Vicky Glosson

Distinguished Teacher Awards (Secondary Schools): Christopher Campisano


Exchange Programs: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis


Faculty Athletic Representative: Clayton Marsh

Fellowship Advising: Deirdre Moloney

Field Study: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis

Freshman Families Weekend, Handbook and Newsletter: Sha Sanyal

Freshman Orientation: Claire Fowler, Rosemarie Maze

Freshman Scholars Institute: Diane McKay, Christy Siress

Freshman Seminars Program: Clayton Marsh, Sha Sanyal


Grades and Grade Changes: Claire Fowler

Grading Policy: Valerie Smith, Elizabeth Colagiuri

H, I

Health Professions Advising: Kate Fukawa-Connelly, Allison Smith

Independent Concentration: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis

International Internship Program: Luisa Duarte-Silva

International Undergraduate Exchanges: Nancy Kanach, Mell Bolen


Language Study Working Group: Elizabeth Colagiuri

Law School Advising: Lyon Zabsky

Learning Disabilities: Eve Woodman

Leaves of Absence: Claire Fowler, Residential College Deans and Directors of Studies


Matriculation Online: Richard Lander

McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning: Lisa Herschbach, Jeff Himpele

Medical School Advising: Kate Fukawa-Connelly, Allison Smith

Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program: Diane McKay, Christy Siress

Middle States Accreditation: Clayton Marsh, Elizabeth Colagiuri


NCAA Eligibility Certification: Jonathan LeBouef

Newly Admitted Freshmen: Claire Fowler


Office of the Dean of the College Website: Richard Lander, Angela Francis

Office of International Programs: Nancy Kanach

One-Time-Only Course Proposals and Course Updates: Vicky Glosson

Orientation Week, Academic Activities: Claire Fowler, Rosemarie Maze

Orientation Week, Other Activities: Thomas Dunne


Parents Activities and Programs: Sha Sanyal

Phi Beta Kappa: Deirdre Moloney, Gabriela Gonzalez

Princeton Summer Courses Abroad: Nancy Kanach, Clayton Marsh

Princeton Theological Seminary Exchange: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis

Princeton Writing Program: Amanda Irwin Wilkins, Clayton Marsh

Program in Teacher Preparation: Christopher Campisano


Reading Courses: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis

Readmission: Claire Fowler, Residential College Deans

Residential College Deans and Directors of Studies
Butler College: David Stirk, Matthew Lazen
Forbes College: Patrick Caddeau, Renita Miller
Mathey College: Steven Lestition, Rebekah Massengill
Rockefeller College: Oliver Avens, Justine Levine
Whitman College: Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu, Justin Lorts
Wilson College: Anne Caswell-Klein, John Axcelson

Rutgers University Exchange: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis


Secondary School Students in University Classes: Todd Kent

Senior Thesis Research Funding: Claire Fowler

Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence: Valerie Smith, Claire Fowler

Student-Initiated Seminars: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis

Study Abroad: Nancy Kanach, Mell Bolen

Study Hall at Frist: Nic Voge


Technical Support: John (Tre’) Green, Marvin Waterman

Transfers between Degree Programs:
A.B. to B.S.E.: Peter Bogucki, Residential College Deans and Directors of Studies
B.S.E. to A.B.: Residential College Deans, Directors of Studies, and Peter Bogucki

Transfers between Departments: Residential College Deans and Directors of Studies

250th Anniversary Fund Proposals: Valerie Smith, Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis

250th Anniversary Fund, Payment of Awards: Angela Francis


Undergraduate Admission: Janet Rapelye

Undergraduate Financial Aid: Robin Moscato

Undergraduate Announcement: Vicky Glosson, Elizabeth Colagiuri

Undergraduate Prizes: Vicky Glosson

Undergraduate Research: Pascale Poussart

University Registrar: Polly Griffin

University Scholar Program: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis


Waivers of Language Requirement: Claire Fowler

Westminster Choir College Exchange: Clayton Marsh, Angela Francis

Withdrawal/Readmission: Claire Fowler, Residential College Deans


Your Path to Princeton Website: Claire Fowler