Key Contacts

Butler College

Main Office: 609-258-3474

Head of College: J. Nicole Shelton

Dean: David Stirk

Director of Studies: Matthew Lazen

Director of Student Life: Deshawn Cook

College Administrator: Robyn Howard

College Secretary: Sue Giranda

Rockefeller College

Main Office: 609-258-3728

Head of College: Jeff Nunokawa

Dean: Oliver Avens

Director of Studies: Justine Levine

Director of Student Life: Amy Ham Johnson

College Administrator: Karen Sisti

College Secretary: Crystal Sada

Forbes College

Main Office: 609-258-6094

Head of College: Michael Hecht

Dean: Patrick Caddeau

Director of Studies: Rashidah Andrews

Director of Student Life: Mellisa Thompson

College Administrator: Jennifer Paslowski

College Secretary: Maureen Riggi

Whitman College

Main Office: 609-258-8900

Head of College: Sandra Bermann

Dean: Alexis Andres

Director of Studies: Jaclyn Schwalm

Director of Student Life: Momo Wolapaye

College Administrator: Kristin Frasier

College Secretary: Sara Krause

Mathey College

Main Office: 609-258-5717

Head of College: Harriet Flower

Dean: Steven Lestition

Director of Studies: Cecily Swanson

Director of Student Life: Darleny Cepin

College Administrator: Yamile Perez

Office Specialist: Gail Ivaniski

Wilson College

Main Office: 609-258-3629

Head of College: Eduardo Cadava

Dean: Anne Caswell-Klein

Director of Studies: Jack Axcelson

Director of Student Life: Aaron King

College Administrator: Laurie Hebditch

College Assistant: Jessica Heslin